Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers

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These are links to the major umbrella organizations that put on events and have member units.  Each of these sites include up-to-date links to unit homepages and contact information:

         Continental Line

         Burning Of The Valleys Military Association (BVMA)

         Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR)

Sources of Information:

         The RevList     - This is a link to the RevListe Homepage, an active discussion group where reenactors, craftsmen and people interested in history meet to discuss their favorite topic. 

         The "Friends of Fort Frederick" page has a large and reasonably up-to-date collection of links to sutlers.

         The American Colonist's Library - This an impressive list of links related to primary source documents pertaining to early American history.  Sometimes there's no substitute for the source.

         The Papers of George Washington - A terrific site about the General.

         The National Archives - A wealth of information

Some historical sites that are our turf:

         Fort Ticonderoga

         Mount Independence

         Hubbardton Battlefield

         The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum


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