Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers

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Join The Revolution!

To all brave, healthy, able bodied, and well disposed young men of New England and New York, who have any inclination to join the troops, now raising under General Washington and his Commanders in the Northern Department, For the Defense of the Liberties and Independence of the United States against the hostile designs of foreign enemies

Take Notice!

That Benjamin Whitcomb has been authorized by Congress to raise two companies of Rangers to serve in the Continental Army assigned to the Northern Department. The encouragement at this time to enlist as a Ranger is truly generous. Embrace this challenge so that you may have the opportunity of hearing and seeing in a more particular manner, great adventures, namely unlimited travel over land and lake, the opportunity to meet new and exciting people, and in the case of such Crown forces, savages and Tories as you may encounter, occasionally shoot them.

Experience America's History Today

Today's Whitcomb's Rangers are living historians who strive to accurately re-create the original Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers who served as a unit in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. We are members of The Continental Line, and the Burning of the Valleys Military Association. We attend events throughout the year in New England, New York, and elsewhere along the eastern United States where important revolutionary war battles were fought. We are a growing organization whose membership is open to all persons interested in presenting the impression of a ranger or camp follower. We invite you to contact us to learn more about membership in Whitcomb's Rangers, the re-enacting hobby, or your American heritage.

Here is a link to our membership packet.


For more information, please contact Jeff.


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