Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers

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Ranger Manual; or, a Compendium of Useful Information, for Individuals, both Man and Woman, wishing to experience Life of another Time by representing Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers - Essential reading for all past, present and prospective Rangers -  This is an Adobe Acrobat file that is quite large - about 5 Megabytes.  If you click on the link it will load from the website.  As an alternative, you can download a copy for yourself by right-clicking on the link, and selecting 'Save Target As...'


Proceedings of the New Hampshire Historical Society, Volume IV June, 1899, to June 1905 - This is a link to a Google Book that is a scan of the full volume.  Included in this document starting on page 298 (355 of the Adobe PDF file if you download it), is an address delivered by John Morris, Esq. to the Society on the subject, "Maj. Benjamin Whitcomb, Ranger and Partisan Leader in the Revolution."  This address includes the Major's ancestry and accounts of episodes from his actions during the war.


A Plan of Discipline Composed for the USE of the Militia of the County of Norfolk - Folks, this is the 1759 manual of arms that we use for much of our drill.  Learn it.  We also use Howe's 1774 Light Infantry - still looking for a copy of that.

A Narrative of a Revolutionary Solider
The Memoir Previously Published as Private Yankee Doodle
by Joseph Plumb Martin - New American Library (Signet Classic) - ISBN 0-451-52811-5

A must read book for all reenactors. Pvt. Martin's repeated references to constant hunger and privation, endless marches, and the cold, wet, sleepless nights endured by enlisted soldiers brings to life the realties of the war. His many anecdotes, offered in the typically sarcastic tone of the common solider, give an insight into the war that can be found nowhere else.


 George Washington's War
The Saga of the American Revolution
by Robert Leckie - Harper Collins Publishers - ISBN 0-06-016289-9 (cloth)

An excellent book for a general overview of the American Revolution. Not bad as an introductory book to the entire war. However, the material (topics and time frame) covered is so expansive that many details are omitted. For example, those interested in the Northern Department will be frustrated to find information on Mount Independence and the Battle of Hubbardton reduced to a few vague sentences.


Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War
by Richard M. Ketchum - Henry Holt & Company - ISBN0-8050-6123-1

For those with an interest in the Northern Department (New England, NY, and Canada) this is one of the best and most accurate books you will find. A wealth of information about Fort Ticonderoga, Mount Independence, the Battles of Hubbardton and Bennington, leading to the battles of Saratoga and Burgoyne's defeat. A personal favorite of many members of the recreated Whitcomb's Rangers as it includes references to Benjamin Whitcomb.


 The Winter Soldiers
The Battles for Trenton and Princeton
by Richard Ketchum - Henry Holt & Company - ISBN 0-8050-6098-7

One of the best resources available for an in-depth study of the battles of Trenton and Princeton.


Decisive Day
The Battle for Bunker Hill
by Richard Ketchum - Henry Holt & Company - ISBN 0-8050-6099-5


Those Damned Rebels
The American Revolution as Seen Through British Eyes
by Michael Pearson - Da Capo Press - ISBN 0-306-80983-4


Rebels & Redcoats
The American Revolution Through the Eyes of Those Who Fought and Lived it
by George F. Scheer and Hugh F. Rankin - Da Capo Press - ISBN 0-306-80307-0

An excellent reference source laced throughout with quotes to support the information discussed.


A Revolutionary People At War
The Continental Army & American Character, 1775-1783
by Charles Royster - University of North Carolina Press - ISBN 0-8078-4606-6

An excellent academic work that captures the attitude of the Continental Army and that of the non-combatant American public during the war. Some may find this book depressing because it paints a rather uncomplimentary picture of much of the American public who displayed apathy to independence, and were negligent if not treasonous in their treatment of the Army.


Lexington And Concord
The Beginning of the War of the American Revolution
by Arthur B. Tourtellot - W.W. Norton & Company - ISBN 0-393-32056-1

This book, published in 1959, is very informative. It offers some different perspectives on the events of April 19, 1775 that are not found in other books about Lexington and Concord.

Paul Revere's Ride
by David Hackett Fischer - Oxford University Press - ISBN 0-19-509831-5

Well researched work dispelling many myths about Revere and about the battle at Lexington & Concord on April 19, 1775. Includes Revere's participation and influence in the revolutionary movement. Covers Revere's many post riding duties from 1773 to 1775. Excellent coverage of events leading up to and including Lexington & Concord. Great statistical information on the battle and its participants listed in appendix.


Seth Warner
This Extraordinary American
by James E. Petersen - Dunmore House, Middlebury VT - ISBN 0-9718087-0-8

Excellent information about Vermont history during the Revolution with the focus on Col. Seth Warner and his regiment of Green Mountain Boys. Also information about General Stark. Some extra insights on the Battles of Hubbardton and Bennington.


Benedict Arnold - Revolutionary Hero
An American Warrior Reconsidered
by James Kirby Martin - New York University Press - ISBN 0-8147-5646-8

Well documented biography on Arnold extensive footnotes referencing source material. Arnold's shortcomings outlined, but still pro-Arnold and slanted against his detractors such as James Easton and John Brown from Pittsfield MA.





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